Friday, March 27, 2009

2nd Version of LadyBug~!

Hehe..repeated order from Kak Emmy...thanks akak..hehhe...she requested cuppies with butterflies, ladybug, and football on it..but..but..i do not know how to create ball...not even learn how to make fondant..huhhuuhuh..maybe not this time.. plus, it seems not very matching...butterflies and football????! (@_@!) so Kak soo sorry because could not fullfill your request..honntoni sumimasen deshita.... 2nd version of ladybug..quite improved huh? not look so eerie anymore..but these ladybugs are so shy they hide around the bushes.. hahah.. yellow and red there any other colour suitable for blue? purple? maybe for next version..hhehehe

again..TQ very much~!

oh ya..

Dear HengHuat..see..are these ladybugs now still only "far far see is cute"?

1 comment:

emmy azmi said...

wawa...tulisan tu je..if u can make it colourfull lagi cantek n besar sket-my sis in law komen.. hehe
anyway thanks! mlm ni baru nak mkn.. ;p