Sunday, April 26, 2009

.: Ocean Theme :.

Order From Syira....Again.. so so tired..since we here have to bake around 1000 pcs of cuppies for the wedding...fuh...but i try to fulfill my customer we go..thanks Syira, she requested 1 set of Choc cuppies.. all these time i only bake her vanilla flavor....hehhe...drop some comment ok come to my house this 2 May 2009 ok..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuzzle Mania; RainBow; Hockey???

Order from my mum's friend..TQ Cik Midah..

Cuzzle Mania ..order from Zura from TMR&D...hhehee..TQ friend..

Order from Eyra MMU Cyberjaya...requested Hockey Theme..but quite not satisfied with the outcome..anyway, hope you enjoy the cupcake Eyra..TQ....but still, i need to improve alot...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cuppies For Mama's Friends and Cuzzle Mania Fan

My mother requested a set of cupcakes to give to her ex-colleague since she want to give them the invitation card for her daughter's wedding (hehe..who? aan? wawa? =p). She love flowers design, and seem that that is the only design she's like. ok ma...tQ ya..

And this one is repeated order from my regular customer..Syira~!!!! Thanks ya..luv u!! heheehe..she requested the design according to her favorite chuzzle mania game. This game is from Yahoo..not really confident to make the seem very2 simple..but i failed drew the mouth (for the yellow fella).. sorry syira...but yet, hope guys enjoy the cupcakes, and order and order again..hehee...=p

Sunday, April 12, 2009

2nd Cake - Full Choc Chip Vanilla Cake

New Challenge...Drawing MU Logo~!

It is a challenge for me decorating a cake for guy...since almost all of them love football. This cake ordered by ECT & SV company for one of the employee who turns 24 this year. TQ. for MU fans, sorry if i drew the logo wrongly..

Erk..the tilted so much...woo..still very weak in writing on cakes.

My 1st Cake

Selamat Pengantin Baru Feza and Mail. Do not have any budget to buy her present, so i bake this cake for her..Vanilla Cake full with Chocolate Chip inside..hehe..since the only flower i know is rossete, so, i implemented it on this cake.. ok la kan for a beginner like me..huahauhau...

And these cupcakes was for AzaAzmeeraOmar from Puchong. She ordered for her engagement day. TQ. Below is the design she requested.
and the actual cupcakes are...tada~!!

*"congratulation Azameera & shah....sorry for not coming.i've been so bz..."aAn

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Repeated Order From Syira

Repeated order from Syira's seksyen 7 shah alam.... she requested 3 sets of cupcakes with different design..and 1 set of them is for her birthday. Happy Birthday Syira. Semoga panjang umo, murah rezeki, cepat2 kawen..hehe.. oh, the other 2 sets are for her family-to-be sempena majlis kesyukuran...thanks again for giving me the trust on this..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Order from Zura of my colleague ordered 10pcs big cuppies...unfortunately, 3 of them could not be saved due to unexpected accident...uwaa..and she agreed to have only 7 of them alltogether..TQ zura..and sorry..
and these...the designed i copied from Ita Kajang~!..Ita's kek senget was so adorable!!! Ita, pinjam ye..halalkan saya gune design ni..hehe...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cupcakes For ECT & SV

These little lady bug was requested by Encik Muttaqiin..for his colleagues..hehe..TQ

percubaan bermain-main

entry ini di post oleh aAn kerna wawa malu nk tayang.....ahakz

aiyak...mataku terkeluar

Friday, April 3, 2009

melompat kegirangan

Architecture UPM already accredited part 2 by LAM.
Congratulation to all of us---school, lecturers & students
I'm soO soooo SooO excitedpicture of final year student during accreditation day 2008.
unfortunately Mara is not here.balek kampong la plak ini ane

from left:wong.aAn.sara second row:keeyen.hassan.danielchoo
opss...& also part 1.sorry terforgot sekejap...terexcited sendiri2.our part 1 also obtained to renew their part 1 validation after last 3 years.
congratulation for both B.Arch & B.Design(Arch)