Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuzzle Mania

Ordered by Aan's colleague in UPM. TQ...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spongebob Cupcakes

Order From Eyra MMU. Thanks Eyra..She requested the set of Power Puff Girl and Sponge Bob..
These are her second order. TQ for giving me trust on this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Power Puff Girl - Bubble

What~!!! 3 hours just to draw this little fella...woooo...this is my first time drawing this cute little Bubble on 4 cm cupcake!!! ..she's so cute that i need to concentrate very much on her...uwa...i want to Eyra, i have to finish up these cuppies earlier..sorry ya..i'll send them to you on Wednesday.

Well..size does matter!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

10 orders for this week...

This order was from Kak Sida, my colleague from TM R&D. Huhuh..but i really2 not satisfied with the outcome...because
1) i do not even know how to play chess..not even have the idea where to put those king, queen, bishop..etc2..wooo
2) my design was very messy..

Kak Sida..sorry..woo..

This one was from my other colleague, Kak Yah !!! for her son's 3rd birthday! the day before she collect the cakes, her maid "kidnap" her son!! and Kak Yah did reported to the police station also! Alhamdulillah..actually her maid was not purposely did that. She just want to bring Naufal to meet her relative..huhuh..In the end, Kak Yah send back her maid to Indonesia...
Anyway, thanks alot Kak Yah!

And this order was from Helmi, Aan's friend. He actually free to have any design - not too childish, not too romantic - and i end up design this for him..GOLF THEME.. huhuuh....inspired by Kak Ita from kajang!! i adore her design very much!!

This simple rossettes was for my mother in law's neighbor. Thanks for their help during my wedding reception in Seksyen 23 Shah Alam..hehe

This mix rainbow, butterflies, bugs, were ordered by Nik from Kapar~! I'm sorry because too early writig the wordings. Instead of "Nawal", she actually wanted me to write "Aunty Wawa"..
ermm..Wawa is also my name..huahauahua..sorry ya Nik..hope you enjoy the cuppies..

These 2 rainbows set was from Hariz~! Tq Hariz..One set was for his mama maybe..for her 54th Birthday (choc flavor) and the other one was for Yanie...ermm..maybe for his girlfriend... (memandai jek..jahat tul)..hehehe...nway Hariz, TQ so was the cake..because i heard you picked them up by your scooter..hope they arrived to the beloved one in good condition..huhuhTada!!!! this set of cars and traffic light was from my colleague also!! Kak Yan!! she's having her family day in Cherating! the cuppies was for her nephew..and Umairah is her cute little daugther...Thanks again to Kak Ita..sorry akak, i copied your design again...because my customer asked for it...huhuhu..

And this one from my hubby's customer...Mike~! his 2nd Order..TQ Mike...I am sorry because the wording is supposely "Ba" not "Bai"..wooo...

And Last one..Special edition..heheh a gift for Loqman and Khairina...LOqman is my hubby's cousin..Congratulation for your wedding!!!
Oh ya..the love design i copied from Kak Aimi. Thanks akak...jangan saman saya ye..huhuhu

That's it for this week...see u again next week~!!! heheeh