Saturday, April 11, 2009

Repeated Order From Syira

Repeated order from Syira's seksyen 7 shah alam.... she requested 3 sets of cupcakes with different design..and 1 set of them is for her birthday. Happy Birthday Syira. Semoga panjang umo, murah rezeki, cepat2 kawen..hehe.. oh, the other 2 sets are for her family-to-be sempena majlis kesyukuran...thanks again for giving me the trust on this..

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cik syahira said...

as'kum. wahhhh!! what a suprised~ it's awesome, ok. thank you very much wawa. do visit my blog for coming order. i attached the design ord title chuzzle mania. the method is you just use the 'rumput-rumput' technique and change colors refer to chuzzle's .. thank you very much again!