Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Power Puff Girl - Bubble

What~!!! 3 hours just to draw this little fella...woooo...this is my first time drawing this cute little Bubble on 4 cm cupcake!!! ..she's so cute that i need to concentrate very much on her...uwa...i want to sleep...so Eyra, i have to finish up these cuppies earlier..sorry ya..i'll send them to you on Wednesday.

Well..size does matter!!!!


phycrewz said...

wow!! kek cawan.. sedap je tgk. tp apsal satu gmbr tu cam tunjuk TANGAN je dr kek tu..hehe

WaWa | aAn said...

idak ler...sbb customer asek tanyer saiz kek...so, pa'a pon kene la bg hint mcm mane saiz kek tu..at least diorg ade gambaran...mase tu da tgn jek yg plg dekat..hohoh