Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Urban Habitat is the first task for new intake of Bachelor Architecture UPM 2007. The main point of this project is to understand the pertinent issue such as social, environment, economic and urban crucial in every housing development…to tell the truth housing is the hardest project to handle and it is not quite successful project..haha~sedey…The panel said that i lack of sensitivity....but I had learned a lot.

My approach is to improve the quality of life within human settlement by applying the idea of social interaction between tenant, improving the linkages (create a radiocentric visual & physical interaction for safety environment and perfect visual) , and environmental quality which emphasized the greenery of the site. The green staged roof which I called swept serpentine effect give a look like bending with nature….~

tamat review..haha...~how was it? picture kat atas tu ialah 1 and only yang tinggal...others was corrupted...

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