Saturday, February 7, 2009

Majlis Walimah Yg lebih Bawa Dosa Dr Bawa Berkat..

While writing this entry, im in very bad mood.. one of my neighbour will having walimah/kenduri tonight they're having the "mlm berinai" (whatever they call it..i still couldnt understand what is the purpose if mlm berinai..of course i'll never put mlm berinai as one of the event in my wedding!!) the mlm where we put inai all over the fingers we call it as mlm berinai?? [confusing...confusing..]..letak inai senyap2 dlm bilik udah ler..

The issue rite now is, it would be very annoying of the neighbors to sing into a microphone at night!!!its ok to be overexcited to get married..but, pls la...if u want to have any kind of karaoke, DJ, singing, dancing or whatever, pls do consider your neighbourhood!!! not just they r sucks in singing, even my cats can sing even better!!! its already late!!! almost midnite!!! even peoples are going to sleep rite now!!i really wanna yell at them "STOPPPPPPPP!!!" and of course this kind of majlis wont get any berkah either..ceh...are u hoping that we will pray for happiness in ur marriage??!!!..of course NOT!!!u'r damaging our ears!!!

Karaoke is the most annoying invention ever!!!!!pls hands up..if ur agree with this..

This thing happened over and over again..raya aidilfitri, raya haji, engagement, kenduri, cukur rambut, they will have karaoke till midnite!!!!what the heck?? is by doing that, they'll become happier or what!

I need a peacefull environment to concentrate reading my journals for my research..aan is concentrating with her design mum cant sleep due to the noise...even other peoples are going to sleep rite now..babies cry here and there..too noise to sleep..guys..if ur in plan to get married..pls consider this ok...i hate walimah/kenduri which have entertainment like this..i will definitely not going!



archienot said...

my neighbour also did the same thing..
bla org kg tegur dia naik angin plk..
dah xnk bercampur lg dgn org kg..

WaWa + aAn said...

yeah...aAn disini sokong 100%..
Karaoke is the most annoying invention ever!!!!